• More than 200 climbing buddies!
  • Climbing and bouldering in a gym on campus
  • Outdoor climbing in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, ...
  • Social events & BBQs all year round
  • Develop your skills with courses for all levels
  • Become active in one of our committees!

Are you ready to join WSAC Ibex?

To join us, you need an Indoor Toprope (IT) certificate. Ibex provides this IT course in September for new members, but the capacity is limited. 

Click here for more information about the introduction periods and becoming a member.

Applications for September 2024 will be opened from 9 to 21 August 2024.

Berdorf, Luxemburg

Wageningen University

Message from the Board

Who is WSAC Ibex?

Let us introduce ourselves! We are WSAC Ibex, the climbing association of Wageningen. We are an active outdoor sports association with lots of interesting people and many different activities. No time? Fine! Once you are a member, presence is never obligatory. You only come when and because you want to. Ibex is a fun, internationally oriented association with few obligations and many opportunities.

We provide indoor and outdoor climbing courses and exams (following the NKBV standards), we give a technique and tactics training (the TTT), we are associated with the NSAC, which provides alpine courses for students, and if you want to become an instructor yourself, we can also help you with that! If that is all a bit much for now, we also organise many non-climbing related activities such as barbeques, movie nights, alpine cafés (a kind of TED talks about alpinism adventures) and things like the Christmas dinner.

We have our own climbing gym in the Bongerd, which is the sports centre on campus. Here, our members can climb every day, and we organize our own climbing courses and technical trainings! Our route builders regularly update the numerous routes, which range from beginner to advanced levels. The wide variety of routes ensures that you will be challenged regardless of your climbing level! On weekends, if the weather is nice and instructors are available, we also go climbing in the rocks in Belgium and Germany, as well as bouldering in France. Outdoor courses often take place during these weekend trips as well.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can find more information about that on our 'membership' page (under the tab 'association'). We have two subscription moments in the year: in August/September and in January/February (at the start of the academic year and at the start of the second half). In those periods, we organise an introduction to give you the opportunity to meet other (new) members and in September we also offer an introduction course to get your IT certificate. This is a basic proof that you can climb and belay safely, which you need to become a member of Ibex. If you have one already, you can skip the course, but we strongly recommend joining the introduction to get a nice start and get to know the association!


The Board

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