Introduction period

February 2020:


During the winter AID, we will not have a stand on the sports market. However, you can find a lot of information on this website. If you still have any questions about becoming a member, you can always send us an email to

Introduction course

This year, Ibex will not offer its own Indoor Toprope course. Instead, you can join a course offered by Sports Centre the Bongerd. As soon as you have an IT certificate, you can apply for Ibex membership. For the requirements you need to meet to become a member, go to membership. Over the past few years, the climbing sport has been growing and this growth is expected to continue now it has become an Olympic sport. This means that Ibex cannot accept all applications and we have to make a selection. For the courses, this selection is usually made based on a motivation letter. Since we don’t have our own course this February, we are not sure yet how we will shape the selection of new members this year.

Subscription period

Traditionally, there have been two subscription periods a year: in September and February, at the start of the new semester. Because the Indoor Toprope course of the Bongerd takes place outside, it will not be offered before March. That is why we will also have a subscription after February this year (probably in April, exact subscription deadline is not yet known). We want to form the first mentor groups for people who already have their IT at the end of February.

Mentor groups

If you want, you can join a mentor group, so you can get to know other new Ibexers and go climbing together from the beginning. Your mentor, a more experienced Ibexers, can show you the culture of the association and remind you of the important things. Your mentor is also the first one to contact if you have any questions. Before you have been introduced to your mentor, you can always send your questions to the board at













September 2019:

In September and February, at the start of each semester, we organise an Introduction period. We offer an IT course in September and sometimes also in February, depending on instructor availability. 

Introduction this year (2019)
AID It all begins at the AID (Annual Introduction Days). During this week we can be found at the sports market in front of Forum (Sunday 18 August). At the sports market, we will have lots of sport climbing and alpine material and we will answer all of your questions. We also offer a boulder clinic where you can test your 'ape factor' at the climbing wall.

Introduction period It is possible to get familiar with Ibex before you decide on a membership. Twice a year, in September and February, we have an introduction period and Indoor Toprope or IT course (IT course is not always given in February). You do not have to have any climbing experience, everyone can join. If you are interested, you can send an email to the board. If you already have your IT certificate, you can still join the introduction period.

The first few lessons you come along, you will be guided by an instructor of Ibex who will teach you how to climb safely. After a few lessons, you take an exam. Once you have passed the exam, you are able to climb top-rope independently. In the beginning, you may borrow a climbing harness and other equipment from Ibex. For the introduction courses we usually go to Mountain Network Arnhem.

This year the introduction course will be given on Tuesday and Thursday according to the schedule below (only access to those who have been accepted in the course):

Group 1 Tuesday:
3 September -  19:00-22:00 - gathering in front of de Bongerd
10 September - 19:00-21:00 - gathering in front of de Bongerd
17 September - 19:15-20:45 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem
24 September - 19:15-20:45 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem

Group 2 Tuesday:
3 September -  20:00-23:00 -  gathering in front of de Bongerd
10 September - 21:00-23:00 - gathering in front of de Bongerd
17 September - 20:45-22:15 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem
24 September - 20:45-22:15 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem

Groep 3 Thursday:
5 September -  19:00-22:00 -  gathering in front of de Bongerd
12 September - 19:00-21:00 - gathering in front of de Bongerd
19 September - 19:15-20:45 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem
26 September - 19:15-20:45 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem

Groep 4 Thursday:
5 September -  20:00-23:00 -  gathering in front of de Bongerd
12 September - 21:00-23:00 - gathering in front of de Bongerd
19 September - 20:45-22:15 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem
26 September - 20:45-22:15 - gathering in Mountain Network Arnhem

For the Mountain Network Arnhem lessons:

Be at least fifteen minutes early as there can be a long line at the counter and you have to be on time at the lesson itself! 

For public transport this would mean that we advise you to take: 
early groupsbus 352 (richting Arnhem CS) from Wageningen busstation at 18:00 or 18:10 
late groupsbus 352 (richting Arnhem CS) from Wageningen busstation at 19:20 or bus 51 (richting Arnhem CS) from Wageningen busstation at 19:31 
The late groups can also go earlier to go bouldering before the lesson.

In Arnhem, you get off the bus at Centraal Station Arnhem. From there you can take the following busses (just take the first one you see). Pay attention that you have not only the right number, but also the right direction!
Bus (direction) - your bus stop
Stadsbus 7 (richting Rijkerswoerd) - get off at Rijnhal
Bus 331 (richting Nijmegen Weezenhof) - get off at Rijnhal

What to bring: 
We will climb inside, so for the sporting no extra warm clothes are needed. Your shoes need to be clean 'indoor sporting' shoes, or climbing shoes if you already have them. It is practical to also were stretchy sport clothes. If you are in the early group, you can also bring food to eat in the bus, but that is up to you. 

Payment of the entrance of the climbing gym is done at the counter, you have the following choices: 1 entrance = €11,50, 5x entrance = €52, 10x entrance = €103,50. For the last one (10 entrances), Ibex subsidises around €20, but you have to have the receipt (bonnetje) for us. You will also have to pay for transportation yourself. 

To make the counter procedure go faster, could you already register here

Interesting last fact :)
The lesson will take about 1,5 hour. If you think you can do more and want to make sure that your muscles will hurt appropriately the next day... ;) You could go bouldering before (for the late groups) or after (for the early groups). You can go to the bouldergym with the same ticket you already have to buy for the climbing gym, and the distance between them is only about a three minute walk! To do this, you need to ask for a receipt (bonnetje) at the desk where you pay so you can show it at the other desk. 

As the course is about safety, what we teach you is important. You therefore cannot skip a lesson, and being late for a lesson can also mean that you are not able to complete the course, so please be on time!

Introduction weekends in the real rocks are organised during and directly after the introduction course in September. You will go climbing with experienced instructors who will show you the beauty and challenges of rock climbing.


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