Ibex has a material depot in SC the Bongerd where our materials are stored, we call this the ‘hok’. Members of ibex are allowed to borrow these materials for free. If you want to borrow materials, send an e-mail to the board and say what materials you would like to borrow, who will use the materials and for what duration and purpose (what kind of trip, course, etc..). The commissioner of materials and education (MOC) will contact you to let you know if you can borrow the materials and when you can pick them up.

The Ibex material depot consists, among other things, of: lead ropes, double ropes, alpine ropes, helmets, quickdraws, carabiners, cams, nuts, tricams, hexen, alpine sets (piper, shovel, probe), ice screws, ice axes, pickaxes, crampons and boulder mats.

For borrowing materials, the following rules apply (for a more detailed explanation, see the HR):

  • Material can only be borrowed by members that have the right certificates for the activities that they want to use the materials for, or want to use the materials to follow a course.
  • When borrowing materials, you are responsible for checking their status after climbing (like checking the ropes), keeping track of any particularities (like big lead climbing falls in a rope) and bringing them back orderly.
  • Materials can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks, unless otherwise agreed with the MOC.
  • Materials can only be used by WSAC Ibex members. If you want to borrow the materials to go climbing with non-Ibexers, the non-Ibexers have to pay €12,50 each for the use of the materials.
  • When bringing back materials too late, you have to wait after your next application before you can pick them up. The amount of days you were too late is the amount of days you have to wait the next time.
  • Slinges can only be borrowed for intro and course weekends. Slinges cannot be borrowed by individual climbers.
  • Lost materials have to be reimbursed by the borrower.
  • The costs for ‘soft’ materials (like ropes) that are severely damaged have to be partially or completely compensated by the borrower.
  • The costs for ‘hard’ materials (like carabiners) that are severely damaged when used correctly are compensated by Ibex.

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