Let us introduce ourselves! We are WSAC Ibex, the student climbing association of Wageningen. We are an active outdoor sports association with lots of interesting people and many different activities. We provide work-out sessions, climbing technique training, climbing and bouldering trips abroad, climbing courses and you can even become an instructor yourself! Apart from the climbing activities, we also regularly organise barbecues, movie nights, canoeing trips, game nights and other fun events. No time? No problem! Once you are a member, presence is never obligatory. You only come when you want to, because you want to. 


Ibex has an interesting history. Our predecessor started out as a sub-association of CERES, a student association (fraternity/sorority) in Wageningen. Due to the limitations this entailed, some members split off and founded their own climbing association: WSAC Ibex. Today, Ibex is an internationally oriented association with many interesting opportunities and very few obligations. That means that we have many members with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. We have boulderers, alpinists, outdoor climbers, indoor climbers, people who like to climb with creative twists, people who want to go for the hardes routes and people who prefer to just talk about climbing over a beer. Most of us also have other interests besides climbing, and a lot of members also join one of our many committees.


Ibex is governed by a board of six people: the chairperson, the secretary, the treasurer, the activities commissioner, the material and education commissioner and the weekend commissioner. They can request advice and approval from the Advice Council for difficult decisions. Every half year, the board presents the current status of the association to the General Members Meeting or GMM. This is a gathering where every member is welcome. The GMM holds the board accountable for the past half year, votes on proposals for controversial or impactful changes in the association and votes on board changes. 

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