Climbing/boulder gym

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What to bring

In the boulder gym, you need you wear clean indoor sports shoes or climbing shoes if you already have them. We also recommend stretchy sports clothes. In the climbing gym, you need your climbing gear as well. That means that you need to have: a harness (gordel), a safebiner and a belaying device (zekerapparaat).

For new Ibexers who haven’t bought their gear yet, we would recommend buying an ATC Guide as your belaying device, especially if you might want to do the lead climbing course in the future. However, if you already have a belaying device which you can use safely, that is of course also fine. If you want more advice about which materials you should buy, just ask one of our climbers in the climbing gym or at a barbeque and they will be more than happy to talk to you about their preferences. 

If you don’t have climbing shoes, a harness, a safebiner or a belaying device yet, all of these can be hired at the climbing gym (Mountain Network Arnhem), and you can also hire climbing shoes at the boulder gym (Rijnboulder Arnhem). However, if you do this regularly, this quickly becomes more expensive than buying your own material, so don't wait too long before you buy your gear. 

Public transport

(Last updated: 30 January 2020)

For Dutch people, this is probably very easy, but here we explain how you go to Mountain Network Arnhem by public transport. If you want to look up specific departure and arrival times or plan a different journey, the best website to use for public transport in the Netherlands is

To go to Arnhem, you can choose to go by bus or by bus and train. If you live in or near Ede, the train option might save a lot of time, but otherwise we wouldn’t recommend it as it is a lot more expensive when you come from the campus or the centre of Wageningen.

Bus option - From Wageningen bus station and take one of the following busses from there: 
- Bus 352 (direction Arnhem CS) - your stop: Arnhem CS 
Bus 51 (direction Arnhem CS) - your stop: Arnhem CS
Train option - From Station Ede-Wageningen, you take one of the following trains:
- NS Intercity (direction Nijmegen) - your station: Arnhem CS 
- NS Sprinter (direction Arnhem) - your station: Arnhem CS 

In Arnhem, you get off the bus or train at Centraal Station Arnhem (Arnhem CS). From there you can take the following busses (you can just take the first one you see). Pay attention that you have not only the right number, but also the right direction!

From Arnhem CS, you take one of the following busses:
- Stadsbus 7 (direction Rijkerswoerd) - your stop: Rijnhal 
- Bus 331 (direction Nijmegen Weezenhof) - your stop: Rijnhal 
- Stadsbus 4 (direction Arnhem Kronenburg) - your stop: De Grote Koppel
- Stadsbus 2 (direction De Laar West) - your stop: De Grote Koppel

For the way back, you can just take the same busses as you took on the way to the climbing gym (the busses with the same number in the opposite direction) and for Station Ede-Wageningen, you can take one of the following trains:

- NS Intercity (direction Schiphol) - your station: Ede-Wageningen
- NS Intercity (direction Den Helder) - your station: Ede-Wageningen
- NS Sprinter (direction Ede-Wageningen) - your station: Ede-Wageningen

Car sharing

On the Weekly climbing page on the website, Ibex members can subscribe to let others know they have a car available or to reserve a spot in an available car. By organising to travel together, it is cheaper for everybody. (We are working on a more detailed explanation).


(Last updated: 30 January 2020)

Travel costs - If you go by public transport to the climbing or boulder gym, you can find the price of your journey on the website as well, just like your route planning. You can find it in the light blue box underneath your planned journey. If you get a lift to the climbing or boulder gym from someone who has a car, we have standard amounts which you, the passenger, should pay the driver as compensation for the fuel costs, unless you and the driver agreed otherwise. The price for going to Mountain Network or Rijnboulder Arnhem (they are just a 3 minute walk apart) and back is € 2.50, so for a lift both ways. If you are only given a lift there or only a lift back, then you only need to pay € 1.25 of course. For a more extensive list of gyms, go to Finances (under Practical info) and have a look at the section 'Weekly climbing - car costs sharing'.

Climbing gym - You pay the entrance fee of the climbing gym at the counter, but to make the counter procedure go faster, you can already register here. You only need to do this the first time; after that, you are in the system. you have the following choices: 

  • 1x entrance = €11.50  (€11.50 per entrance)
  • 5x entrance = €52  (€10.40 per entrance)*
  • 10x entrance = €103.50  (€10.35 per entrance)*

*For the 5 and 10 entrances, Ibex also gives a subsidy if you hand in the receipt (bonnetje) to us. For more information on this and other subsidies, go to Finances (under Practical info) and have a look at the section 'General compensations'. 

A last interesting fact: when you're in the climbing gym in Arnhem and also want to go bouldering, you can ask for a receipt or note at the counter which you can show in the boulder gym. You can then go bouldering with the same entrance fee and you don't need to pay again, but you do need to go to the counter in the boulder gym to show that you paid at the climbing gym already. If you want to go bouldering first, ask at the counter if that is possible and what you should do. The boulder entrance is a little cheaper, so that order is more complicated.

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