February-April 2020

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During the winter AID, we will not have a stand on the sports market. However, you can find a lot of information on this website. If you still have any questions about becoming a member, you can always send us an email to wsacibex@gmail.com.

Introduction course

This year, Ibex will not offer its own Indoor Toprope (IT) course. Instead, you can join a course offered by Sports Centre the Bongerd. With an IT certificate, you can apply for Ibex membership. Over the past few years, the climbing sport has been growing and this growth is expected to continue since it has become an Olympic sport. This means that Ibex cannot accept all applications and we have to make a selection. This selection is made based on your motivation. 

Mentor groups

If you want, you can join a mentor group, so you can get to know other new Ibexers and go climbing together from the beginning. We highly recommend this because it really helps people to get to know others and to become a part of the association, which makes the experience so much nicer.

Your mentor, a more experienced Ibexer, can show you the culture of the association and tell you about/remind you of important events. Your mentor is also the first person to contact if you have any questions. Before you have been introduced to your mentor, you can always send your questions to the board (email: wsacibex@gmail.com).

Apart from the fixed dates below, you will go climbing in Arnhem and join strength training at the Bongerd with your mentor group and maybe you will also have dinner together. 


Traditionally, the subscription periods have been in September and February, at the start of the new semester. Because the Indoor Toprope course of the Bongerd doesn't take place until March, we have decided to move the February subscription period to March. The deadline is Wednesday 1 April 2020 (23:59), you can subscribe here

If you are joining the Bongerd IT course, you can already sign up during the course and select the option “I’m in Ingi’s course”. You then need to confirm that you passed your exam before 2 April, otherwise your subscription will not be taken into account.

 What  Date (Time)  Place
 Subscription deadline:  1 April 2020 (23:59)  
 Selection deadline*:  3 April 2020 (23:59)  
 Information evening:  8 April 2020 (19:00 – 20:00)  Bongerd Room (?)

*We will let you know whether you have been selected or not before this deadline. If you haven’t heard from us by that time, please let us know (email: wsacibex@gmail.com), because something may have gone wrong with your subscription.

Make sure you can be there during the information evening, because all the essential information about the association is explained there and then!


What you need to do to become a member, is explained extensively on the membership page. You do not need to meet all the requirements for membership at the time of your application. You only need to have an IT or K2 certificate before you join, since that is the one requirement concerning safety, but the topic of the website will be explained during the information evening, so don't worry if you don't understand everything yet. However, it is nice if you already look into it, so we can answer your questions and help you with the problems you run into. Here is a quick overview of the requirements:

IT certificate - You should already have this (or at least have passed your exam) at the information evening.

Student sports rights - You can buy them online or at the desk in the Bongerd. If this doesn't work because you are a PhD student, you can send an email to the secretarial employee of the Bongerd (wendy.vandervliet@wur.nl). 

Membership form - You can download and print the membership form from the membership page, fill it out at home and bring it to the information evening, but you can also get a form from us when you are there. We would like to receive them filled out and signed at the information evening or in our letter box in the Bongerd. 

Website account - We will talk about the website, but it is nice if you already have a look around for yourself so you know what we are talking about. It is also a good idea to try to register (see membership page on how to do that). When you are selected, we will give you access to the member part of the website (the pages for which you need to log in) as soon as possible. 


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